Canadian Cowboys Association

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We desire to lead the sport of rodeo with purpose, integrity, and an inclusive, holistic view of our partners in all we do.  The CCA will promote the sport of rodeo through innovation, people and top quality entertainment events.

Vision Statement

“The association of choice”


The CCA believes that each facet of the sport deserves to be given the same opportunity for success within the bounds of reason.  Each rule and policy is designed to ensure maximum fairness for contestant, contractor, and or committee.


The CCA is adamant about the proper handling treatment of all livestock used for the sport.  No inhumane treatment will be tolerated under any circumstances.  Where possible, the sport will be examined for potential efficiencies and improvements for the handling and treatment of livestock before, during, and after each production.


The CCA is committed to providing the best quality cowboys, cowgirls, and stock to ensure maximum entertainment to our committees and fans.


The CCA honours those individuals and groups within the sport that rise above and beyond the ordinary to reach new heights.  Recognition of performance by contestants, committees, and animals is key to promoting this value.

CCA Values

We value the rich, colourful heritage of the sport of rodeo;

We value the tradition of a generational family-based rodeo community;

We value the youth within our sport, our association, and our communities;

We value the friendship that exists in the rodeo community which inspires us all;

We are loyal to those around us who share our passion and dedication to the preservation and promotion of our sport;

We recognize the importance of our history and the sense of accomplishment that exists within our association; and

We support the visionaries among us who will lead us into each generation of our sport and into the unknown.