Canadian Cowboys Association

Dear CCA membership as of this morning (May 24,2018) we are terminating our agreement with the Lakeland Rodeo Association. Regarding our co-approving 5 rodeos with each association. We cannot be involved with an association that will not accept our complete membership at their rodeos. We sincerely apologize to the CCA membership, committees, contractors and anyone that may have been affected by this decision. Moving forward we are having the LRA remove everyone that is a CCA member from Tofield entries.

Entry and call back number  1-800-667-9444  this line is ONLY answered on entry and call back days

To turn out, Medical or Vet out you must call and leave a message on the turn out line 306-721-2705 this line is checked by the rodeo secretaries not the CCA office

For any other inquiries you may have please call the CCA office at 306-721-2700