Canadian Cowboys Association


June 17th & 18th, 2023


Saturday June 17th @ 2:00pm

Sunday June 18th @ 2:00pm


Sunday June 18th @ 8:00am

Tickets available through

Stock Contractor: Sorken Rodeo Production

Event/Purse/Entry Fee:       

  • SB, BB/$1250/$70/day
  • BR, LBR, TR, LR/$2500/$60
  • SW/$1250/$70/day
  • CR/$2500/$70
  • JGB, JSR, JLR/$250/$20
  • PW Barrel Racing/$100/$10
  • NBB, NSB, NBR/$500/$50

Local Entries: Saturday May 27th & Sunday May 28th, 6pm-9pm, 1-250-613-0000

Late Local Entries: will be accepted by voicemail, May 28th to June 6th, 9am-9pm, 1-250-613-0000, $50 late fee added to entry.

Local Events: Jackpot barrel race, Friday June 16th @ 7pm.  Times Only: 5pm

Online Entries Open: Friday June 2nd @ 8:00am

Online Entries Close: Wednesday June 7th @ 2:00pm

(Use entry icon at the bottom of the rodeo info. Please make sure you receive an email entry notification before call in entries close)

Call In Entries: Wednesday June 7th, 8am-2pm 

Late Entries: Wednesday June 7th @ 3pm until Friday June 9th @ 5pm

Callbacks/Trades: Tueday June 13th 8am-1pm.  Please check draw online and arrange a trade before calling.

Memberships Due: Monday May 29th 


-Arena Director: Dennis Fowler

-Timed Event stock: Gary Nicholson

-Announcer: Dom St. Amand & Jonathon Cole

-Rodeo Committee Chairman: Kevin Cunin,

Notes to Competitors:

-Complimentary parking and camping for rodeo contestants.  Please be respectful and park in the designated areas.  Please see map.  All campsites must be free of garbage and recycling before you leave.

-All competitors and helpers must wear daily wrist band.

-Competitors and one designated helper receive complimentary entry wrist band with fee payment. All others must purchase tickets to the performance.

-Only authorized photographers are permitted in the competition area including rough stock areas, stock pens and competitor parking.

Manure: Please pick up all manure and place it in the designated location.

-No Open flame/campfires or fireworks as per lease holder agreement.

-Tying: No tying horses to existing perimeter fence, portable panels or construction fencing.

-All dogs must be leashed at all times as per insurance requirements.

-Dogs are not permitted on the spectator seating areas or beer gardens.

-Dogs are not permitted in or around the competition event area 1 hour before or during the event.

-Minors under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times as per the lease holder agreement.

-Minors are allowed one event helper (must show wrist band) with entry. Also must be in western attire.

-All competitors must wear daily competitor wrist band. One companion entry with competitor entry. All other people accompanying competitors must purchase entry to the rodeo daily.

-No spectators including competitors in or near the alleyway. No competitors or spectators sitting on the arena fencing or chutes at any time.

-Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, and/or Vapes are permitted in designated areas only.

-Alcohol is not permitted in the competition areas or spectator area except inside the designated beer gardens. Marijuana is not permitted in the competition areas or spectator areas.

-Drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated and will result on event disqualification.

By Event Performance & Safety Rules:

Roughstock: BB, SB, SW will be 2, 1 day rodeos.  Buckles will be awarded on the average of the 2 days.

Roughstock: Restricted area (behind the chutes, stock pens and run through alleys) to contestants and volunteers.  Junior contestants may have one parent helper.

Grand Entry: Mandatory Grand Entry meeting for selected contestants 30 min before performance at the timed event gate.

All Events: If selected for sponsorship team competition, you must wear your team back patch during that day’s performance (all events).

All Events: Round winners for both slack and performance must be present immediately following the event round win for photos in full western attire.

Limited Events: 2 head option available when registration is 6 or less for SW, CR & LR

Calf Roping: Jerk down rule enforced with disqualification.

Junior Steer Riding: Must wear helmet, mouth guard and vest.

Barrel Racing: Ladies run in/out. Run in/closed out for Junior and Peewee racers.  Peewee racers require helmets.  Peewee and junior competitors may have one parent helper.

No spectators/competitors in or near the alleyway